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New Patient Reviews

My experience at Jerian Chiropractic has been great! Dr. Jerian cares about his patients and puts a lot of effort into helping them with whatever their problem might be. I would recommend him to anyone in search of chiropractic services.

Patrick S.

Dr. Jerian answered all of my questions, and made me feel comfortable during my visit. Natalie’s warm demeanor on the phone, as well as in person made me feel like I made the correct decision in choosing Jerian Chiropractic.

Lauren L.

Thank you for the time invested in my personal wellness. Explaining each step I would encounter along with a feeling that I was not just a patient but someone you truly wanted to be pain free was refreshing in an uncertain situation. I will recommend you to all!

Jessica C.

Very thorough in explaining your findings, the treatment available to me and the prognosis. I felt comfortable and completely safe in your care. I’m so thankful my friend highly recommended you to me!

Jackie P.

Friendly, welcoming from the first step into the office. Thorough history. Dr. Jerian listened to what I had to say about my past and present conditions. Explained why and what treatments and direction he would do at this time.

Peanuts B.

Dr. Jerian is simply awesome! He is highly skilled and knowledgeable in his field, a consummate professional, and his adjustment of my back was truly miraculous! Dr. Jerian took his time and explained the medical causes of back and spine related injuries and pain. He described the process of re-alignment and the techniques he uses. He showed me what the issues were on my x-rays and he diagnosed my back pain within minutes. Little did I know that the pain I was experiencing in my right foot when walking was connected to the pain in my lower back. Dr. Jerian’s adjustment re-aligned my hip, thereby relieving my lower back pain, and corrected my walking issues. Immediately, my back, hip, and right foot felt great! I haven’t felt this good in months. In addition, Natalie’s sweet and helpful demeanor, and her skill in all insurance matters, only added to this wonderful experience. They are welcoming, knowledgeable, proficient, and professional. Don’t wait another day; make an appointment with Jerian Chiropractic today!

Salina A.

Dr. Jerian is awesome he listens and cares about his patients. He explained my treatment to me so I have a better understanding of what I can do to help myself get better and how he’s helping me.

Shawana T.

Dr. Tony is not only concerned to improve your situation but considers the financial impact on your pocketbook first and his second. He also takes time to educate you on spinal health in relationship to the function of the entire body.

Linda H.

Dr. Jerian is very thorough in explaining the chiropractic process, the ailments that can affect the spine and how the spine in integrated in the function of all of your organs. I appreciate that he shares his knowledge with you at your appointment and made sure that I also comprehended everything he was discussing with me prior to moving forward with diagnostic testing and treatment. He seems very dedicated to spinal care, and I also appreciate that he takes the time during your office visits to discuss what your appointment will entail and your progress. You never feel rushed in and out of your appointment, which is great, it’s really hard to find a doctor like that these days.

Tiffany R.